I AM Devine / Mantra shawl Pale Pink
1295 SEK695 SEK

Become your affirmation! Let your statement follow after I AM and you will create a mantra that will emphasize you when wearing this luxurious silk shawl around your neck!

Wrapping your I AM shawl around your neck anchors your affirmation. The shawl helps you to maintain the mantras energy throughout the day. For every wrap around your neck, the mantra increases in you, giving your mind a positive effect. When you wear your mantra shawl, you are divine inspiration and feel secure.

I AM is one of the oldest and most powerful mantras. The mantra originated from the story when Moses asked God at the burning bush; -what's your name. God answered I AM - I AM THAT, I AM!

We have made a shawl in 100% silk for your comfort with a starry I AM print for your reminder. The shawl is a tube shawl and reaches three times around your neck.
The silk thread spins gently from the mulberry larva and creates a unique material that is both soft, beautiful, cool and warm to the skin. It carries away moisture and is antistatic against dust.
Available in four colors; Hot Pink I AM Love,  Pale Pink I AM Divine, Turquoise - I AM Articulate and Black - I AM Power.