High frequency clothing

About us

IamGuidens.com sells clothes, courses/books, lectures and products that provide you with tools in your everyday life. All our products are lifestyle-friendly and help you in your personal development, career, business and relationship. It is products that help you find your inner answers, find your strength and highlights your unique strengths!


-Yakai- Holysocks- Ground your self to heal and balance your day!  

 Yakai is a Tamil word meaning "offering". Our "offerings" are by the way of contributing in a positive way to the local farming community and society that supports us while ensuring that we keep planet earth safe for ourselves and for future generations.

-Secrets of style -Clothes that dresses you up for what you are today. 
High frequency clothing ! Wrap your self up in success! We provide you with clothes and accessories that are made in materials and colors that will balance your mood and help you feel stylish and secure.